gRPC Traffic Mirroring With Ingress-Nginx on K8s

How to test gRPC service with production data in testing environments, cloning (or "shadowing") traffic via NGINX

gRPC NGINX gRPC k8s In a previous post we saw an NGINX configuration to allow gRPC traffic mirroring. Is the same technique applicable on Kubernetes? Yes! Using the ingress-nginx ingress controller! Traffic mirroring Use the following configurations snippets in the ingress-nginx configMap and in the Ingress manifest to mirror all traffic to a separate gRPC server. ConfigMap Replace and with the original and mirror endpoint, respectively. http-snippet: | server { listen 127. [Read More]

gRPC Traffic Mirroring Using NGINX

An NGINX configuration trick to mirror traffic to gRPC backends

gRPC NGINX gRPC Recently at work with the Optimyze team we faced the necessity of copying traffic from our current customer-facing environment to a new environment. We have assumptions and ideas about architectural changes that cannot be validated only with synthetic tests and require cloning traffic to a separate, internal testing environment. There is no better test than the one performed with real-world data: when you hear speaking about testing in production, a deployment of a new feature to “see what happens” is not what I have in mind. [Read More]