DevOps: you're doing it wrong

Recently I received a mail pointing me to a post about DevOps culture and some anti-patterns and misconception on how to build and grow a DevOps culture in a company. Whoever like me works in the Enterprise (“the one with the big E” - Kelsey Hightower) knows that applying DevOps practices often is limited to the adoption of some tools or the creation of a “DevOps team” responsible of managing some continuous delivery pipeline. [Read More]

4pres goes #serverless

Last month I felt I was a little late for the #serverless party going on all over the internet and I started taking a look at what the pros and cons would be to actually not manage any server myself. Shutting down my VPS hosting my apps I will lose my mail server, my MySQL instances and my Docker registry but: who cares? There are cloud services I can use with hundreds of times more availability and for a fraction of the cost. [Read More]

Moving the blog to hugo

In times of experimenting, I am now having a lot of fun with docker, rkt, kubernetes and containers ecosystem in general. But one thing I never forget to play with is content editing and publishing! So here I am, trying to migrate all my blog and website to Hugo :) So instead of a bare VPS I am moving my blog to AWS S3 + Cloudfront CDN. This will be more scalable and far less expensive. [Read More]

A benchmark of AWS EFS

Amazon Web Services Elastic File System has been to my knowledge the service to have the longest beta testing period: reason for this may be that not as many client as expected tested it and AWS received too few feedback on it or that there were issues not to release GA. I don’t want to speculate on which one is correct but now that it has been officially released I decided to give it a try and of course compare it to a self-managed solution on the same platform. [Read More]

Implement a generic data list structure

As a coding challenge I was asked to provide a generic list implementation using a language of my choice and using only primitive types, avoiding the use of high level built-ins. I chose Go because I want to learn it and I know it can be useful to create an abstract, generic implementation. The challenge request to implement at least 4 methods on the generic type: Filter() – returns a subset of the List satisfying an operation Map() – returns the List objects’ map Reverse() – reverse the ordering of the List objects FoldLeft() – join the objects from left to right using a join character As a bonus question I was asked to code unit tests for the aforementioned methods and give an explanation on how the implementation guarantees concurrent access on resources. [Read More]

Golang Message Queue: a simple TCP message bus

[TL;DR] I wrote a Pub/Sub message queue in Go, branch “master” is stable but missing some interesting feature like distributed memory synchronization between nodes in a cluster and encryption. Code at Being a cloud system engineer, my work is to design and implement distributed systems: one of the key principles in designing such architectures is decoupling, which means ensuring the many parts composing the system are able to share informations and complete a sequence of operations without being tied together. [Read More]

My first Golang web project is online

It is true: I fell in love with Go, not because I love Google and his products, but because it really fits my ideology of simplicity and power in a programming language. I started experimenting with the language and thank to his web-oriented approach I quickly came up with one of the simplest single task web application I could write: a URL shortener. What is a URL shortener? It’s a service that will give you a short link for a long URL. [Read More]

iPad Mini: la musica dello spot TV

Ieri mi sono trovato con parte della mia famiglia nella loro sala a suonare un po’ il pianoforte, mio fratello Gianmaria e io ci siamo esibiti riproducendo la semplice (ma efficace) musica che accompagna la pubblicità dell’iPad Mini.

Il motivetto è in Do maggiore così come viene proposto suonando i due iPad nella pubblicità, di seguito il video. Enjoy!


Università: facoltà di psicologia

In Italia abbiamo molti problemi, ma l’ultimo dei nostri problemi era l’istruzione che vantava uno dei primi posti al mondo fino a pochi anni fa. Ora invece il declino strutturale del nostro Paese ha colpito anche questo settore che era di valore. Parlo di mancanza di fondi per università e ricerca, di formazione non orientata al lavoro e tutto ciò che ne consegue: l’aumento della disoccupazione giovanile e della sfiducia nel futuro è preoccupante perché è nella stesso ordine di grandezza di stati molto indietro rispetto alla media europea. [Read More]

Il significato della parola Islam

Stamattina ho lavorato all’Arena Civica di Milano come tecnico del suono. La manifestazione che ho seguito era la cerimonia di chiusura del Ramadan islamico, l’equivalente della Pasqua cristiana. La cerimonia di per sè è stata breve, circa un’ora, ed è stato affascinante assistere a una manifestazione religiosa a cui non avevo mai assistito prima. Il programma è stato il seguente: raduno dei fedeli nel campo dell’Arena presentazione dei celebranti del rito preghiera sermone sfollaggio Innanzitutto ciò che mi ha colpito è stata la mole di persone che erano presenti: circa 15000 tra uomini donne e bambini; da notare che la religione islamica non conta solo fedeli dal medio oriente, gran parte infatti erano di origine africana e indonesiana. [Read More]