Moving the blog to hugo

In times of experimenting, I am now having a lot of fun with docker, rkt, kubernetes and containers ecosystem in general. But one thing I never forget to play with is content editing and publishing! So here I am, trying to migrate all my blog and website to Hugo :)

So instead of a bare VPS I am moving my blog to AWS S3 + Cloudfront CDN. This will be more scalable and far less expensive. And Hugo generates static HTML so no more patching security issues.

How I did it

Migrate contents

First I found that there is a page on Hugo site that explains how to migrate from any CMS know to human to Hugo. I used the wordpress export plugin to convert the site from Wordpress to markdown and make it work ith Hugo: it did the the job pretty well but still I had to convert some of the posts.


Then the hard part: HTTPS! I chose to use letsencrypt to automate the TLS certificate handling. The powerful lego is way more multi-platform than the official certbot from EFF written in Python, and has built-in support for DNS challenge on Route53! Generating a new certificate of renewing is a couple of commands away.

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