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Work experiences

11/2022 - now() » Senior Software Engineer

Elastic Observability

When Optimyze joins forces with Elastic, I keep working with the same wonderful team, with the goal of integrating Prodfiler into the Elastic stack. Prodfiler is now Universal Profiling: the same amazing technology, backed by a different data store. I focus on the backend integration and data collection, trying to improve storage efficiency and keep continuous profiling affordable.

7/2020 - 10/2022 » Senior Software Engineer


We are a startup building Prodfiler: the lowest-overhead, always-on continuous-profiling tool for all your software stacks. Prodfiler gives a holistic view of CPU consumption across all your fleets, supporting multiple platforms and languages. I contribute to the product and leverage my previous working to bake reliability into our product and architectural decisions.

9/2018 - 6/2020 » Site Reliability Engineer


I join the SRE team within Platform to work more closely on the company cloud platforms both on-premise and in public clouds. Main focus is developing software in Go to automate the platform based on Linux, containers and Kubernetes.

9/2017 - 8/2018 » DevOps Engineer


Contributing mainly to the development of a CI/CD platform to enable developers to test, build and deploy software with ease and confidence; we are part of the Platform area and we collaborate with SREs and DBAs to provide developers automated services to consume infrastructure. The end-user platform runs on Kubernetes and we leverage Jenkins and Docker containers to shorten the development feedback loop and continuously improve product quality. Here I have the opportunity to sharpen my software engineering skills growing the use of TDD practices and adopting SOLID design principles, developing in Groovy, Java and Go.

11/2016 - 8/2017 » DevOps Tech Lead

Accenture DVO

Within a team of 7, my job is to define a medium term strategy on monitoring tools and have it implemented. We aim to reduce the MTTR, improve the incident detection and the application performance analysis; we write plugins and APIs (mainly in Python) to make this tools interact seamlessly between each others and with other teams.

11/2015 - 10/2016 » DevOps Engineer

Accenture DVO

Contributing to the operations for a Digital Video platform running on multiple cloud providers and serving 30 million end users worldwide. We aim at 0% downtime for our clients using high-availability techniques and continuous improvement practices. We develop our own monitoring, analytics and intelligence tool based on Splunk. We provide developers isolated test environments on AWS cloud and manage continuous delivery pipelines with automated testing and deployment.

6/2010 - 10/2015 » Systems Engineer


Working on an e-procurement platform and a proprietary EDI format to help businesses digitalize supply chain management. My job is to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure serving the core-business services both on-premise and on the Amazon AWS cloud platform. Daily activities span from infrastructure event monitoring to middleware and application deployment. In 2012 I started developing backend software with J2EE and in 2014 I introduced Go in the company primarily for systems programming.

1/2014 - 9/2014 » Technical writer


8/2009 - 3/2014 » Audio Engineer


Working with audio equipment to achieve the best audio quality for live events; I was an audio designer for some bands based in Milan, working with them in studio recordings and during live sets.

Education and certifications

10/2019 Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

2/2017 AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate Level

Amazon Web Services

8/2012 Oracle 11g Performance Tuning

Oracle University Rome (trainer: Alessandro Colonna)

7/2009 Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering

Politecnico di Milano

7/2004 High School Degree

Scientific Lyceum “Falcone e Borsellino” - Arese (Milan, Italy)

Love to work on

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery practices

  • infrastructure design and cost optimization

  • cloud computing and distributed systems design and implementation

  • monitoring and incident response

  • Lang Go, Rust, Java, Python, Groovy, BASH

  • OS RHEL/CentOS, Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, OS X

  • Cloud AWS, DigitalOcean, GCP, Kubernetes, Cloudflare

  • DB MySQL, Oracle 11gR2, REDIS, Clickhouse

  • Product HTTPd, NGINX, Varnish, Jenkins, GOCD, ELK, Zabbix, Splunk, Ansible, Packer, Terraform, Consul, Docker

Interests and Hobbies

I play drums quite well and bass guitar at a low level, I listen to lots of music and I am trying to expand my musical culture more and more, with discs from the 70s-80s and also contemporary artists. I love running, it makes me feel free, and enjoy swimming in pool and sea.