You are what you is (F. Zappa)


I’m a passionate technology enthusiast, an engineer in love with Computer Science and a part-time musician and writer; I started my career in IT as a sysadmin and became a Go developer in 2013 when approaching distributed systems. Since then, I grew my interests in SRE and Software Engineering.

I like to study how things work, understand the mechanics of technology products. In my spare time I play drums, bass guitar and acoustic guitar, and sometimes try and write some music; writing small poems is also a passion of mine, as it helps me find a different meaning to things.


I attended Scientific High School, graduated in Industrial Engineering at Politecnico Milano and started working in Computer Science a few months later. I really feel thankful towards my college education because it introduced me to the real-world side of science; computing and mathematics above all, Open Source, curiosity and love for music are the foundation of my life. I also worked for several years as a self-taught audio engineer: I really enjoyed helping people find the best possible sound for their music.

Get in touch

You can reach me via any of the social media icons in the front page, share with me thoughts and interests. I am keen to discuss anything tech-related, new ideas on software development, cloud computing and CS in general. Please have a look at the blog: tech, music, politics and contemporary culture is what I write about.